Parent Resource Program

The Parent Resource Program is staffed with parent advisors. The advisory team offers parents advice and assistance concerning PVUSD policies and procedures. Please read a more detailed description of our Parent Resource Program, and if you feel you need the services of a parent advisor, complete and submit the Advisory Team Referral Form to United Parent Council. The Advisory Team Referral form also can be obtained at any district site. Contact Parent resource advisor Stephanie Brown for more information.

Experience • Assistance • Direction

The United Parent Council (UPC) of Paradise Valley Unified School District recognizes that
public schooling is a collaborative process involving students, teachers, administrators,
parents and the community. UPC further recognizes that parents need to be informed about
school policy and procedure, and that on occasion parents encounter frustration when trying
to deal with these formal policies and procedures. As a result, UPC established a Parent
Resource Program to assist parents or parent groups when necessary.


The Parent Resource Program is staffed with parent advisors. The advisory team offers
individual parents advice and assistance concerning the policies and procedures of the school


• Effective communication enhances the potential for success
• Most issues can be solved to the satisfaction of all parties
• Everyone has a right to expect to be treated with respect and dignity


Parents may experience difficulty with the educational process. No school can respond to an
issue nor resolve a conflict unless it is aware of the situation. The parent has a responsibility
to first discuss the concerns with those involved and attempt to resolve the conflict or issue.
Once a parent believes that he/she has made an attempt to resolve the issue, he/she may
complete the Advisory Team Referral Form.


A parent advisor will meet with the parent to:

• Discuss the problem
• Suggest possible courses of action and alternatives
• Advise those involved of possible outcomes

School-Related Issue?  Take the Right Steps

In the course of a child’s education, parents may encounter a school-related matter that needs to be addressed. Parents are sometimes unsure of how to proceed. Several years ago, UPC recognized the need to help parents through this process and formed the Parent Resource Program. UPC understands that parents need to be informed about school policy and procedure and that on occasion parents encounter frustration when trying to deal with these formal policies and procedures. With this awareness and experience, UPC suggests parents use these tips when dealing with school issues.

Speak up

Realize that schools can’t respond or resolve a problem if they are unaware of the situation.

Address the issue at the level where it occurred: If, for example, the problem is in the classroom, talk to the teacher first. Parents who go directly to the principal (or higher up) will be asked if they have already discussed the matter at the lower level.

Do your part to keep the discussion productive

  • Be courteous
  • Avoid using polarizing words such as “you,” “never,” “always,” “why”
  • Bring relevant documentation or information
  • Be clear about concerns and expectations
  • Present a solution

In the case of a written or phoned communication, expect a response in 24-48 hours.

If you still haven’t gotten results, consider contacting UPC’s Parent Resource Program. Once a referral form is completed, a trained parent advisor will be assigned to you. The advisor will listen and make recommendations.  In some instances, a problem may escalate to the district’s Parental Complaint Procedure. This procedure is outlined in the student handbook and has very specific steps that must be taken. The Parent Resource Advisor can guide a parent through this process.

As partners in the collaborative effort of the public school system, parents should speak up when questions or issues arise. For best results, remember to be prepared, be polite, and take the matter to the appropriate party.



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