The following are featured articles which have appeared in our newsletter or have been featured at a UPC meeting:

Helping our children Help Themselves
by: Becky Muday - PVUSD parent (June 2014)

AZ Superintendents Speaks Out
(March 2014)

You've Come a Long Way, Baby
by: Julia Zandler (February 2014)

My, How Times Have Changed
by: Dr. Sue Skidmore (November 2013)

Cancer and Class Size
by: Dr. Sue Skidmore (October 2013)

A Glimmer of Hope
by:  Dr. Sue Skidmore (May 2013)

Volunteer in Paradise (VIP)
by:  Laurie Smith (May 2013)

Cheating the Children
by:  Dr. Sue Skidmore (April 2013)

Three things you need to know about Common Core Standards
(April 2013)

When Is Enough, Enough?
by:  Dr. Sue Skidmore (March 2013)

Reprise: School Violence
by:  Dr. Sue Skidmore (February 2013)

Superintendents’ Priorities
by: Arizona School Administrators (ASA) (February 2013)
Give Your Kids Some Credit
by:  Dr. Sue Skidmore (December 2012)

If We Care About Our Kids...
by Dr. Sue Skidmore (November 2012)

by: Anne Greenberg (October 2012)



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