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Please join us for our ever popular last meeting of the school year, where Dr. Lee will share some of what you and your child can expect in PVSchools next year.  Dr. Lee, who has led the district since 2009, will give us an update, share some highlights, and answer your questions.
Dr. Lee, with over 30 years of experience in education, believes a student’s lifelong success demands mastery of the four C’s:  communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  He has a strong focus and commitment to the mission of cultivating, leading and inspiring world-class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student built around challenging, meaningful and engaging curriculum.  As a former teacher, principal, director, and a parent of two PVSchools graduates, Dr. Lee understands and embraces the importance of parents, students, and educators working together to optimize the K-12 educational experience.

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