Find out more about what is happening in UPC and the District by reviewing committee reports.

UPC Committees

UPC committees carry out the programs and objectives of the organization. Here is a listing of the committees and information about their activities.

PVUSD Committees

PVUSD committees are created by the District to address specific needs. UPC facilitates the placement of parents on these committees. Parent participants provide reports on their group’s activities. See a listing of committees and view reports at the district website.

Serving on District committees is an ideal way for parents to add their perspective and expertise to matters under study. More importantly, participation on committees gives parents a voice in the PVUSD decision-making process.

UPC finds parents to sit on District committees by

  • making a call for volunteers;
  • ensuring there is balanced representation among parents; and
  • notifying, supporting, and staying in touch with parent participants

Participant responsibilities are to attend meetings, support the interests of students, and provide reports through UPC about the committee’s progress.

Watch for committee requests and get involved! Announcements are made at meetings, through school reps, the newsletter, and on this site. Contact UPC President for more information.

Stay Informed