Role of the UPC Representative

The vitality of the United Parent Council comes from its membership. Representatives from across the district lend their diverse skills and experiences to our common goal -- putting children first and ensuring they thrive as PVUSD students.

Our organization's standing in the district allows us to get close to the individuals and processes that shape how education is delivered. There are many interesting people to meet and much to learn.

One of the biggest responsibilities of a UPC Representative is to share information with the wider parent population. Representatives and their alternates act as a link between UPC and their school communities.

We've developed a job description to help Representatives keep their school connected to the opportunities and information UPC provides. UPC Reps also can assist the Council by serving on UPC committees and recruiting parents for District committees.

Job Description

  • Attend monthly meetings or arrange for an alternate to attend in your place.
  • Relay information from UPC to your school on a regular basis.  This can be achieved through UPC updates during parent group meetings, meetings or emails with your school principal or through newsletters/emails directly to your parent community (UPC's 'snapshot' is a great tool for this). 
  • Bring UPC information about your school or school community.  
  • Connect your parent community to UPC resources -- E-bulletins, web site, meetings, and services -- as well as post meeting flyers, distribute E-bulletin request forms, invite guests to monthly meetings, ask that your school's web site link to UPC's site at, and invite UPC officers to a parent group meeting. 
  • Invite parents to monthly meetings!  Remember our monthly meetings are open to the public!
  • Display UPC information in an area of your school regularly.
  • Become informed on issues so you can vote on behalf of your school when necessary.



Stay Informed