About UPC


  • School Representatives -- Each PVUSD school is allowed two voting representatives on the Council and two alternates
  • General Members -- Any resident of PVUSD may join UPC; however, voting privileges are not accorded


  • President
  • Vice President of Membership (liaison between UPC and schools)
  • Vice President of Programming (coordinator of programs and events)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


  • Created to promote the objectives, issues, and programs of UPC

Executive Committee

  • Comprised of officers and committee chairs

2016-17 Goals

Parents working together to enhance the PV Schools experience for our children

  • Provide an avenue for parents to bring community interests, concerns, and successes
  • Meet monthly with Dr. Jim Lee, Superintendent
  • Participate in Community Legislative Network
  • Collaborate and communicate with other education entities
  • Collaborate with the PV Schools Education Foundation
  • Promote UPC Parent Support Committees to assist parents with negotiating the educational process as listed at www.pvupc.org/committees/upc-committees
  • Achieve 100% membership of PV Schools
    • Recruit Parent Representatives for 100% of PV Schools
    • Receive communication from their community to bring to UPC
    • Provide information from UPC/District
  • Share clear, timely, and consistent communications with parents via:
    • Websites: UPC site, District site, School sites
    • UPC Facebook
    • UPC LinkedIn
    • UPC Twitter
    • Email
  • Provide relevant monthly programs
  • Increase awareness of educational legislative issues
  • PTO Liaison
  • School Council Liaison
  • Increase member attendance
  • Actively participate on District committees
  • Actively participate in District events
  • Attend PVUSD Governing Board Meetings
  • Attendees interact with Superintendent at each UPC monthly meeting
  • Strengthen relationships with other education entities local/state/national
  • Serve as official representative of the parent stakeholder group
WORK WITH SUPERINTENDENT ON HIS GOAL TO: Increase district and community presence of the United Parent Council (UPC)


2015-16 Accomplishments
  •  Proactively addressed educational issues and concerns on behalf of parents and students with cabinet members, administrators and the governing board.
  • Worked with Superintendent on his 2015-2016 Goal to: Increase district and community presence of UPC.
    • ?Superintendent emailed every parent in PVUSD making them aware of UPC in Oct & Feb
  • Strengthened partnerships and communication with other umbrella parent groups such as ABEC/Save Our Schools/Expect More Arizona/AEA and the newly formed Support Our Schools Parent Network statewide to advocate for public education
  • Assigned parent representatives to 27 community interview panels for: assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and director positions.
  • Enhanced the UPC website. Provided regular, timely communication with community via website, e-bulletin, snapshot, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • In partnership with district Special Education Department, sponsored two meetings per year, and provided one-on-one support for parents of children with special needs.
  • In partnership with district Gifted Education Department, sponsored six educational meetings and provided one-on-one support for parents of gifted children.
  • Provided parent representation on 8 district committees including ongoing committees such as District Emergency Response Team, 3G, and Health & Wellness. Provided valuable input for Secondary AP English Language Arts, AIM Principal Training, Secondary Social Studies Adoption, Action Plan Oversight Team, and Equity Leadership Committee.
  • Offered educational programming such as: Anxiety 101, Calvin Terrell, and Is Math Making You Crazy.
  • Provided timely information at meetings and via electronic bulletins on state legislative issues involving education.
  • Represented parents on Superintendent Leadership Advisory Committee (SLAC).
  • Raised funds for Shoes That Fit.
  • Sponsored the Geri Morgan Volunteer Award recognizing an outstanding community volunteer in the district. Geri Morgan – 10 nominations.
  • Recognized 263 PV Schools’ teachers | staff | employees, from 39 schools, with our Teacher/Staff Appreciation awards. Sponsored appreciation programs and/or events for administrators and cabinet members.
  • Provided group support through our Parent Liaison.
  • Provided legislative advocacy through participation in Community Legislative Network (CLN) and played key role in passage of the Bond ballot issue.
  • Provided parent testimonials to district marketing department.
  • Provided funds to support high school graduation activities.

Stay Informed



    Join us for the January Monthly Meeting and Educational Program. Our program will be an opportunity to meet in small groups with various PVSchools Cabinet members and new Directors, and to have open discussions.


    Join UPC and PVSchools Gifted Education Department for our January 25, 2017 seminar, Gifted in the Middle: Exploring the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Middle School Students


    Don't miss the February Monthly Meeting and Educational Program on February 15, 2017. Our program will address Middle School preparation and the transition to high school. It will be presented by Koni Withers, PVUSD Lead Counselor.


    Send in your membership form for 2016-17 today!

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