About UPC


  • School Representatives -- Each PVUSD school is allowed two voting representatives on the Council and two alternates
  • General Members -- Any resident of PVUSD may join UPC; however, voting privileges are not accorded


  • President
  • Vice President of Membership (liaison between UPC and schools)
  • Vice President of Programming (coordinator of programs and events)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


  • Created to promote the objectives, issues, and programs of UPC

Executive Committee

  • Comprised of officers and committee chairs

2016-17 Goals

Parents working together to enhance the PV Schools experience for our children

  • Provide an avenue for parents to bring community interests, concerns, and successes
  • Meet monthly with Dr. Jim Lee, Superintendent
  • Participate in Community Legislative Network
  • Collaborate and communicate with other education entities
  • Collaborate with the PV Schools Education Foundation
  • Promote UPC Parent Support Committees to assist parents with negotiating the educational process as listed at www.pvupc.org/committees/upc-committees
  • Achieve 100% membership of PV Schools
    • Recruit Parent Representatives for 100% of PV Schools
    • Receive communication from their community to bring to UPC
    • Provide information from UPC/District
  • Share clear, timely, and consistent communications with parents via:
    • Websites: UPC site, District site, School sites
    • UPC Facebook
    • UPC LinkedIn
    • UPC Twitter
    • Email
  • Provide relevant monthly programs
  • Increase awareness of educational legislative issues
  • PTO Liaison
  • School Council Liaison
  • Increase member attendance
  • Actively participate on District committees
  • Actively participate in District events
  • Attend PVUSD Governing Board Meetings
  • Attendees interact with Superintendent at each UPC monthly meeting
  • Strengthen relationships with other education entities local/state/national
  • Serve as official representative of the parent stakeholder group
WORK WITH SUPERINTENDENT ON HIS GOAL TO: Increase district and community presence of the United Parent Council (UPC)


2015-16 Accomplishments
  •  Proactively addressed educational issues and concerns on behalf of parents and students with cabinet members, administrators and the governing board.
  • Worked with Superintendent on his 2015-2016 Goal to: Increase district and community presence of UPC.
    • ?Superintendent emailed every parent in PVUSD making them aware of UPC in Oct & Feb
  • Strengthened partnerships and communication with other umbrella parent groups such as ABEC/Save Our Schools/Expect More Arizona/AEA and the newly formed Support Our Schools Parent Network statewide to advocate for public education
  • Assigned parent representatives to 27 community interview panels for: assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and director positions.
  • Enhanced the UPC website. Provided regular, timely communication with community via website, e-bulletin, snapshot, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • In partnership with district Special Education Department, sponsored two meetings per year, and provided one-on-one support for parents of children with special needs.
  • In partnership with district Gifted Education Department, sponsored six educational meetings and provided one-on-one support for parents of gifted children.
  • Provided parent representation on 8 district committees including ongoing committees such as District Emergency Response Team, 3G, and Health & Wellness. Provided valuable input for Secondary AP English Language Arts, AIM Principal Training, Secondary Social Studies Adoption, Action Plan Oversight Team, and Equity Leadership Committee.
  • Offered educational programming such as: Anxiety 101, Calvin Terrell, and Is Math Making You Crazy.
  • Provided timely information at meetings and via electronic bulletins on state legislative issues involving education.
  • Represented parents on Superintendent Leadership Advisory Committee (SLAC).
  • Raised funds for Shoes That Fit.
  • Sponsored the Geri Morgan Volunteer Award recognizing an outstanding community volunteer in the district. Geri Morgan – 10 nominations.
  • Recognized 263 PV Schools’ teachers | staff | employees, from 39 schools, with our Teacher/Staff Appreciation awards. Sponsored appreciation programs and/or events for administrators and cabinet members.
  • Provided group support through our Parent Liaison.
  • Provided legislative advocacy through participation in Community Legislative Network (CLN) and played key role in passage of the Bond ballot issue.
  • Provided parent testimonials to district marketing department.
  • Provided funds to support high school graduation activities.

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